One day in 2012, I was in the Physics and Astronomy Students Union lounge on the second floor of McLennan Physical Laboratories (the main physics building of the St. George campus of the University of Toronto), using my laptop and minding my own business, when I picked up a conversation between a guy and a girl sitting on a couch in the far corner of the room a few metres away. I heard the guy telling the girl that (paraphrased) apparently there are objects called “spinors” that are even more general than tensors. I don’t actually understand spinors, but I know enough to recognize that this is potentially misleading as stated. I could’ve jumped in and said something, as I usually tend to do… but I didn’t want to hurt the guy’s chances of impressing the girl, so I just let it slide.


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  1. Pedro Lopes says:

    One of my favorite anecdotes.

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