Relativistic electrodynamics cheat sheet

I was bored, so I decided to LaTeX up the cheat sheet I brought to my PHY450 (relativistic electrodynamics) exam. It wasn’t actually cheating, of course; we were permitted to bring in a two-sided exam aid sheet. I originally used both sides, but when I typed it up I was able to cram all the relevant formulae onto one sheet. This has not been thoroughly vetted for errors, so use at your own risk. Page numbers are references to lecture notes and will not be useful for anyone not taking the course, but I still think these formulae will be generally useful. Gaussian units are used throughout because that’s what was used in class. (I don’t like Gaussian units but that’s just how it is; see previous post about what I think would be a better unit system—but of course nobody will ever use it.)



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Hi! I'm Brian Bi. As of November 2014 I live in Sunnyvale, California, USA and I'm a software engineer at Google. Besides code, I also like math, physics, chemistry, and some other miscellaneous things.
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  1. Abel says:

    I used it.

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