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WKB approximation

I have a confession to make: I’m scared of approximations. Scandalous, isn’t it? For there are few things in physics that can be solved exactly, and so if we want to ever be able to do any calculations, rather than … Continue reading

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ACM regionals, problems and solutions

To avoid possible copyright-related issues, all problem statements have been paraphrased or summarized. Problem A You are given a 10 by 10 grid and told the sum in each row and in each column. The sum tells you how many … Continue reading

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ACM regionals

Yesterday, I attended the 2013 East Central North America regional ACM programming contest, representing the University of Toronto. (My teammates were Saman Samikermani and Hao Wei.) The scoreboard isn’t available online yet, nor are the problems, but I can say … Continue reading

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